Thursday, 21 August 2008


walking down the street and a gay guy dressed in leather came up to me thinking i was 18. he said he was looking for a cool person to have a pampering on television on the RICHARD & JUDY SHOW i was sooooo happy. of course i couldnt do it.. - leaving for china on sunday- which was a shame but i felt very priveliged for him to pic me for a tv show. haha...

its funny how oppurtunities happen. and when im older and i have kids i can tell themof my glory days when a certain tv show called richard & judy was around (of course theyd be dead by then) and i almost went on it... life is strange. who knows what desicions could have been made and what changes they would have made. what would have happened if i DID go onthat show? what happens next for people like that?

anyways, now ive put that down (cus i will forget it for sure.)

bedroom portraits:




goodbye england
nihao china!

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15, british and living in shanghai ive always wanted a philosophy, but my teenage ignorance gets in the way.
i dont know what i should say, other than i am probably a lambant enigma of my former self.


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